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Mass Music Update: August 2019

CI Mass Music Update: August 2019

This fall we will be incorporating a rotating schedule of music selections each month with songs that repeat weekly as well as songs that alternate throughout the month. Our hope as a collaborative is to be a family centered on Christ worshiping God as fully as we can. This model of music planning will incorporate familiar favorites and newer songs into a balance that promotes our fullest participation in worshiping together. I wish to invite all of us to open our hearts to be filled with the Spirit as we seek to expand our worship together each Sunday. We will be posting the song listings and a playlist of song recordings each month on our website at to help us grow with these songs in and outside of Mass.

Meditation Music: The sacrifice of the Eucharist is such an amazing sacrament with which we partake each week that we want to offer music specifically focused on allowing us to deepen our prayer with the Eucharist during Mass. Beginning in September, all of our Masses will begin using a Meditation Song to take place after Communion. These songs will be inherently repetitive and simple so that we are able to pray with these songs easily and as one family. Stay Tuned!

Coming later this Fall, we will be piloting a brand new opportunity for any person who has ever wanted to try singing with a choir! Look for this announcement later this Fall!

David Wanner

Director of Collaborative Music
(978) 774-1958 x102

Susan Frontera

Music Lead

Laura Pawlyk

Music Lead

Jay Pawlyk

Music Lead

AV Angels

Any high school students seeking opportunities in Audio & Visual experience are invited to become part of the new AV Angels ministry. This ministry's first goal will be to minister the AV needs for the Mass projections at St. Rose of Lima. All interested persons please contact David at to sign up. 

The Ministry of Collaborative Music is an integral part of worship. The music we prepare is our offering that we bring to God's table in the Mass and in service of the Liturgy. We seek to proclaim God's word in song, to sing His praises, to worship with our voices and to encourage the congregation to do the same. We sing from the depths of our hearts with conviction in the hope that others will feel God's presence and love through music. 

Join the Ministry!

As diverse as our faith journeys are as we walk with God, so too is the diversity of music we offer each weekend. The Mass is a beautiful gift from God to be able to live out our faith tradition as the Body of Christ. You will find a diverse collection of music at each Mass, and you are welcome to join the ministry to serve this music to the parishioners of The Christ Initiative. Below are the list of Masses that we offer and the distinct style of music offered at each Mass:

St. Agnes Parish

4:00 pm Saturday Mass

- Traditional Praise Ensemble
- Contemporary / Traditional Songs


10:00 am Sunday Mass 

- Worship Choir
- Traditional Songs / Worship music


St. Rose of Lima

5:30 pm Saturday Mass

- Worship Band
- Traditional Praise and Worship music


8:30 am Sunday Mass

- Traditional Choir
- Hymns / Traditional Songs


11:30 am Sunday Mass

- Contemporary Praise Ensemble
- Contemporary Songs & Praise and Worship music


The Christ Initiatve 

6:00 pm Sunday Mass @ St Rose of Lima

- Praise Band
- Contemporary Praise and Worship music 

MCM Ensembles

Traditional Choir

Worship Choir

Worship Band

Praise Ensembles* 

Praise Band* 

*These ensembles require an audition with the DCM. 

To schedule an audition/appointment with the DCM, please email David Wanner at or call 978-774-1958 Ext. 102. 

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