Mary Guinee

Why is Faith important? 

Last year during our Youth Alpha program we discussed the question “What does Faith mean?” Ultimately, after weeks of being unable to come to a conclusion, we decided that Faith stood for “Forever All Is Through Him”.  Not only is that what Faith is, but it is also what makes Faith important.  Without God nothing is possible.  It is our belief in him that makes everything possible.

In my life, it has been my Faith in God that has guided me and enabled me to see the positive in some of my worst experiences.  I know every Sunday when I walk through the doors at St. Rose, God will give me the message I need to strengthen and support my Faith journey.  Whenever I am struggling with an obstacle in my life that I need God’s guidance on, it is always what the Gospel and Father Michael’s homilies have focused on. Faith gives us the strength and confidence to carry on knowing that God has a plan for us and through that plan, we will meet with him again in the afterlife.

By Mary Guinee, Parishioner at The Christ Initiative

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